Stay Tuned for New Content!(Hint-It’s On The Way)

img_6688Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I deeply value and commend everyone’s patience with regards to awaiting for post 3 of 3 with this recent series I have created. Rest assured that I haven’t forgotten that a third post still needs to be crafted in order to conclude this series…as with all trilogies 😉

One of the reasons why I have taken so long to write this concluding entry is due to, simply put, the busyness of life. Lots of significant changes have been happening all around me, particularly on a spiritual development level. Lately, the good Lord has opened an abundance of doors of opportunity for witnessing and disciple-making! Praise and glory be to Him alone! While this is phenomenal in so many ways, it has also meant for very full schedules during my weeks, especially as of lately

Fortunately however, the Holy Spirit has been strongly reminding me of the importance of spending time with family and close friends by intentionally setting this precious time aside. Living this balanced life while maximally serving God has traditionally been a challenge for me, but God is amazingly powerful and faithful Who is capable of the impossible! He has been working mightly through His Holy Spirit helping me to redeem time.

I would like to extend a big heartfelt thank-you to the patience and support from my readers! While I can’t give a specific time-frame, you can expect new content very soon so please stay tuned and also subscribe so that you’ll be informed immediately via email!
Please keep me in your prayers and may God continue to bless everyone in their weeks ahead!

What to Expect Ahead

In the months ahead, I have decided that in addition to my regular length posts, I will sometimes write shorter and also more concise blog-posts. These posts will capture any noteworthy insights, observations and reflections I encounter within the framework of a Biblical Worldview. I want to give the readers a glimpse into what a working Biblical Worldview looks like on life as a whole. This will likely be influenced from insights gleaned from prominent Christian apologists and authors, personal devotions, and thoughts/ideas exchanged with fellow believers.

I desire to create content more regularly for my readers but my busy schedule often makes it difficult in order for me to do so. Therefore, it is hope that through providing these shorter, but also equally meaningful content will help facilitate this desire to create an increased number of posts.

I appreciate any and all feedback as well as I embark on this new pursuit. Everyone’s comments are always more than welcome!

May God Bless everyone!